Help Identifying Bat

Asked June 4, 2013, 9:49 PM EDT

I found this little fellow in my rhubarb patch the other night. He was hanging on to the back of a rhubarb leaf. Can you tell me what kind of bat this is?

Licking County Ohio

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Wow!!! What a find! This is a hoary bat, Lasiurus cinereus. This is one of Ohio's migratory tree bats. It's also the largest species of bat we have in Ohio, and one of the most colorful. It's named for its frost-tipped (hoary) fur. If you noticed, it also has a golden mantle around its face—truly a beautiful bat!

I've never seen or heard of one roosting (resting) under a rhubarb leaf, but finding them alone like this is common. They don't roost in large colonies like other species of Ohio bats. Typically, they roost in the canopies of trees, holding on to a single leaf as a shield. Your rhubarb is most likely a temporary roosting spot.

Actually, I do a lot of public programming on bats. Would you mind if I used this picture during my programs? I will credit it anyway you'd like. Thanks! Great shot!

it is fine to use the picture. my Name is Teresa Knicely-we live on Hornshill Rd in St.Louisville.I was thinking of putting in the the photo contest that the Ohio Dept Of Natural resources has for something unique and different!

Thank you and you should definitely send it onto the Division of Wildlife!

do you have their email address?

I don't but you can call 1-800-WILDLIFE and ask them for it.

I went ahead and sent it to Ohio Dept of Wildlife..I found the email address on thier website.
Thanks for your interest in my picture-Please let me know the response you recieve when you use it!
Thanks again!
Teresa Knicely