Strawberries Ripening with Black Mold

Asked June 4, 2013, 3:17 PM EDT

How risky is it to eat washed raw strawberries growing on same plant as seriously molded ones or what looks like a black fungus on even a few unripe ones ? This year I hadn't cleaned up my plot and found a very prolific yield this year, even ripening amidst so much rain and dull weather. I've been carefully harvesting them daily for about 1.5 weeks. Also, if not safe, is it then safe to eat them if I cook them?

Washington County Oregon horticulture

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The berries which have the black mold should not be eaten or cooked. Most likely, the black mold developed because of our recent moist to wet weather. Collect and discard all such berries.

All the undamaged berries on the same plant are safe to eat. Check them every day or two to ensure you have the best harvest possible. This recent warmth will probably make them ripen faster than ever.

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