Lower yellow leaves on all my cucubits

Asked June 1, 2013, 6:26 PM EDT

My squashs, cucumbers and etc in the cucubit family I took out of my greenhouse and went to transplant in our high tunnel hoophouse. The hoophouse was just finished and the plants were really ready to be transplanted. I watered really well and also drip irrigated the area where I went to put them. I did notice the trays that the plants were in did not have holes in them like the rest of my vegetables. I'm wondering if they got too much water. The leaves are not sticky, no black spots, no bugs. All look good except the bottom leaves are turning yellow. We are certified USDA organic so I can not use alot of different things. The only thing I can think of is too much water. I'm thinking it is a transpiration problem. Need another opinion. Please tell me what you think.

Kent County Michigan vegetables

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You probably have answered your own question. The plants probably had too much water. When that happens the plants react in a similar manner as they do when they don't get enough water - they simply shut down under the stress and leaves start to yellow. Cut back on your water, especially given the cooler conditions this week and let's see if the plants respond. Pay attention to new growth since some of the older leaves may continue to turn yellow. Contact me agian if the problem continues.