Can I feed my pigs raw potatoes?

Asked June 1, 2013, 5:47 PM EDT

Hello, can I feed my pigs raw potatoes? I have heard mixed information on this. If they can not eat them raw, is it possible to give them cooked potatoes? Thank you, Doug

Erie County New York

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Because swine are single-stomach animals, potatoes should be cooked or dried before feeding. (Potatoes also should be cooked before feeding to poultry.) One cooking tip is to lay steam pipes on the floor of a dump truck, load with potatoes, cover with a tarp, and connect pipes to a steam outlet for 30 min (Wilson, 1950). Raw potatoes have one-half to two-thirds the value of boiled potatoes for swine. One hundred pounds of potatoes replaces about thirty pounds of mixed grain. good website for information.