Removing English ivy, naturally

Asked May 30, 2013, 11:29 PM EDT

Hello there, -- I have a large patch of English ivy in Ashland, OR, that I am trying to remove. I'd like to do this sustainably, without the use of chemicals. Any suggestions? Thanks, Daniel

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I have attached a link to a website that describes two effective ways to get rid of English ivy: mechanically and chemically. You probably don't want to go the chemical route (which can rid you of English ivy in a short time) or mechanical, which means pulling up vines and roots, and can take up to a year with repeated efforts.

Another government publication suggests mulching for small areas of ivy. Mulching
Mulching may be an effective choice for smaller infestations when herbicides are not appropriate. Cover the entire infestation with several inches of mulch. This may include wood chips, grass clippings, hay or similar degradable plant material. Shredded or chipped wood may be the best option since hay and grass may potentially carry weed seeds. Covering the area with cardboard may improve the effectiveness and longevity of this method. The mulch should stay in place for at least two growing seasons and may need to be augmented several times. This advice is from
You are doing the environment and your property a good deed by removing the ivy. English ivy can no longer be sold in Oregon, but if you have ever been to Forest Park in Portland, you can see the magnitude of the task of removal.