sedum acre

Asked May 30, 2013, 11:52 AM EDT

I have sedum acre patches in my grass and I would like to know how to kill it without killing my grass. I use 2 4d each spring for dandelions but it has no effect on the sedum acre

Alcona County Michigan

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Sedum acre is a decorative weed that can be pretty if you can control it. Out of control, as you have discovered, is a problem that is difficult to eradicate. your question has made for some entertaining reading from folks who have tried to control it by various means. In other words: by pulling, herbicides, mowing or whatever means come to hand.

One method, I'm assuming , you don't want to use is Glyosate, the chemical used in products like roundup which will kill any green plant that it touches such as your grass.

As an alternative both of the following products should be used with your sedum acre.The first is a chemical product known as Ronstar which is a pre-emergent that is used to prohibit the germinating power of the prolific seeds that this plant produces. I suspect that other pre-emergents could be used on this weed as well. A pre-emergent really should be used in your yard as well as the following product because of the seed production capability of the plant. This should be used for at least two to three years.

The other product might be problematic to find as you would have to look for the chemical; Triclopyr on the label. Triclopyr will control broad leafed weeds while they are in the blooming, or near to blooming stages, in the spring and in the winter preparation stages of the plant as it prepares to go dormant for the winter in September and October. So, that being said, look for Herbicides first, then look for the chemical triclopyr in the product second. As a hint start with Weed-B-Gon Purple Label. Other products with the same name won't work for you on broad leafed weeds such as creeping charlie and your particular weed.

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