Can you recommend a replacement tree for a holly with Witches' Broom (Sphaeropsis gall)?

Asked May 29, 2013, 12:31 PM EDT

We have an East Palatka holly tree that has witches' broom. We're removing it. can we put a Japanese berry in the same place or a crepe myrtle?

Pinellas County Florida

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I live and work in the Florida Keys, where we have Sphaeropsis gall but the not plants you are looking to replant with. First of all, can you prune out the witches broom? If so that is the best choice, you would need to prune six inches below where the plant is emerging. If you still need to replant I suggest that you contact the Pinellas County Extension Service Urban Horticulture Agent Theresa Badurek. Her email is or phone number (727)582-2109 .