Crushed Lime Stone from gravel yard used as ground cover

Asked May 28, 2013, 7:42 PM EDT

My wife wanted a ground cover for her flower and fern beds. She mentioned a crushed lime stone. I purchased 1.5 yards of crushed lime stone and then thought there may be an issue with, "Crushed Lime Stone" around and used as a ground cover. If this is typical crushed lime stone, does it present an additive that may be harmful --or is "Lime Stone" inert?
Or is there a chemical process to verify, No Issue with Crushed Lime Stone?
Appreciate a response,
Jim Baciorowski

St. Clair County Michigan soil and fertility issues

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Thank you for using Ask an Expert. I am glad you were thinking ahead on this matter. Crushed limestone should not be used around acid loving plants. If you want to use the limestone around plants that are not acid loving it would be beneficial is you used a fabric to cover the soil before using the limestone. This can be costly and time consuming. I hope this information has been helpful.