Can you recommend a herbicide for horse pasture that can be grazed on within...

Asked May 28, 2013, 5:00 PM EDT

Can you recommend a herbicide for horse pasture that can be grazed on within a couple days or as soon as it dries that actually works?

Carroll County Maryland

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Most herbicides used today will list time, animal species, and application restrictions and many have no restrictions for horses. However, you should tend to be a little more conservative and cautious with a pregnant or lactating mare. Many people will remove their horses until after a rain if possible. The best thing to do is contact your local farm and garden business, here in VA we have local Southern States, who are well trained in the area of herbicides and pesticides. The can offer safe products and even application rates if you do not feel comfortable spraying yourself or have a large amount of acreage to treat. One of our local businesses states Cimmaron (Dupont) hard on fescue. Temporary yellowing Forfront HL (Dow) labeled for horse pastures. and Chaparral (Dow) fairly new product. None of these are restricted use, Landowners can buy and apply without pesticide license, but please check with your local and state rules as some states many be different. You local Extension Office can also help you identify the weeds you would like to rid your pasture of and make recommendations of application and treatments. please read the following publications for more information. Follow the links below.