Please help! Bird mite infestation!

Asked May 25, 2013, 7:10 PM EDT

Recently I noticed small black specs on my bathroom vanity. With the help of a local exterminator I was made aware that these specs were in fact bird mites. Needless to say they entered and have invaded my home, pets, and myself. After speaking with someone who had the same problem I learned that there are many varieties of these mites and in order to treat they must be identified specifically. I am begging for help. Is there any way I could bring or send a species to your location for a positive identification. I am willing to do whatever it takes to fix this problem. Please please help me. If you would be available to call me I'd greatly appreciate that too. Please help me.

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If you have bird mites, then somewhere around your house you should find a bird nest. Check outside the house around windows, along soffits or even in trees that have branches against the house. Once you remove the nest, you will have removed the source of the infection and thus you should stop finding the bird mites entering the house.

If you would still like to have the insects indentified, I recomment that you take a sample of them to your local Extension office.

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