Scarring on Tomato Plant

Asked May 24, 2013, 11:12 AM EDT

These scars recently appeared on my tomato plant. I had the same scarring in previous years on some of my tomato plants. The photo is of an heirloom tomato growing in rather cramped conditions in a raised container. It receives full sun from 9am - 4pm. It has not been treated with any spray. The only fertilizing it receives is bi-weekly applications of Neptune's Harvest. Soil test indicated extremely high levels across the board, except low level of lead. I raised it from seed sowed indoors in early February, planted out early April under row covers. Soil is a mix of Leaf Gro, planting mix, homemade compost, and desiccated cow manure. I appreciate your help!

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It appears from your photo that the scarring is only on the underside of the stem, and generally not on the leaves?
If this is so, we wonder if it is perhaps abiotic damage. That is, not caused by a pest or disease, but something like weather.... Is this stem one that could have been superficially injured/scarred when lifted by wind and rubbed against the edge of the planter?

We also would review how often you are fertilizing this plant. Generally we recommend fertilizing tomatoes at planting and again at bloom time. It may be that you are fine with that product if it has very low levels of nutrients, but read the label to be certain.