Leaf Problems on Various Vegetable Plants

Asked May 23, 2013, 2:35 PM EDT

I sent a question yesterday which you answered, but I didn't have a picture. Here are a couple of questions with pictures attached. I'm wondering what is causing these issues.... 1. holes in the bean plant leaves 2. holes and "rust" looking chewing on the lima bean leaves 3. shredding the leaves of brussels sprouts and broccoli 4. white substance on zucchini plant leaves. I appreciate your advice. (This is in the Sheridan St community garden supported by UMD Darrell Parsons)

Prince George's County Maryland vegetables

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The white coloration on your zucchini is a normal leaf color and pattern for this species of squash. The marbling is actually highly decorative.
That is the only photo we received. If you reply to this email, you can attach 3 photos at once. We invite you to do so.

There are several larvae that will feed on bean, Brussel sprout, and broccoli. Look under leaves, in crevices, etc. Many larvae are well camouflaged with color that perfectly matches the leaves. When you find them, you can describe them to us or send us the photos. You can always spray with an organic product such as insecticidal oil or soap or other botanicals insecticides.

Also, if you have slug feeding, you'll need to search at night, or place a board or grapefruit rind near the plant and check under it the next day for hiding slugs.