Garlic mustard disposal

Asked May 22, 2013, 5:00 PM EDT

We have been hand pulling garlic mustard for 4-5 years and noticed a major drop off of plants this season. (In years past we would have 10-15 trash bags. This year it will be more like 3-4. Also, this is the first year when we don't see huge carpets of the first year plants.) But now our waste hauler has refused to take the bagged plants. Is landfilling the proper disposal method and is there any resource to point the hauler to so they know it is OK?

Calhoun County Michigan

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There is not supposed to be large quantities of plant material like grass clippings or weeds going to dumps. It was filling them up too rapidly.That rule has been in place for a number of years. It would be up to your trash guy to find a place. The other choice is that after you stuff the bags with pulled plants, add a couple of cups of water and sit the sealed black bags on the driveway where the material can basically cook. Once the contents have been there long enough and have turned to slime, the seeds should not be viable. Either that, or combine a number of bags of slime and mix it with other trash in a closed bag to go. Good luck