hybrid burmuda grass

Asked May 22, 2013, 12:02 PM EDT

is this a good grass for a west texas yard and how to plant it does it come in the sod how do i prepaer the soil for planting it and where can i get it and a approx cost per pallet

Nolan County Texas

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Bermudagrass is grown throughout Texas. It has very good drought and traffic tolerance but has little shade tolerance. Varieties are available for use as lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields. The hybrid or vegetative (planted only as sod or sprigs – not available as seed) bermudagrasses are usually darker green in color, finer textured, and more aggressive than the common-type bermudagrass varieties. The hybrid bermudagrasses are better adapted for use on golf course fairways and sports fields than for home lawns. Generally, the maintenance requirement (mowing frequency, nitrogen fertility, etc.) for the hybrid bermudagrasses is higher than for the commontype bermudagrasses. Examples of bermudagrass varieties available from Texas sod producers include, but are not limited to, Baby; Celebration; CT-2; Common; GN-1; Grimes EXP; Quickstand; Tifgreen; Tifway; TifSport; and Tifton 10.