Asked May 22, 2013, 10:14 AM EDT

Our farmer planted round up ready corn on a acre of land that we have set aside 4 organic farming , because of this planting of Roundup Ready corn , would this affect my certification to go organic? If we do not use any kind of spray and let the corn grow so we can pull it out by hand can we " continue " to be organic certified ! Or do we have to start over with our certification , either way we're going to pull the corn plants out !! And plant white clover for a cover crop .Thank you , Scott

Manistee County Michigan

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My option is ......Yes, you will need to start over. The roundup ready corn and the seed treatment on the roundup ready corn are both prohibited inputs. Even if you pull up the corn the seed treatment from the seed is an issue. To be certain always talk to your organic certifier. They are your authority on what is allowed and not allowed and what your must do.
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