Something (groundhog?) is eating my vegetables in my well fenced garden (4'...

Asked May 22, 2013, 10:13 AM EDT

Something (groundhog?) is eating my vegetables in my well fenced garden (4' tall composed of 2'of rabbit fence on top of 2' of cattle fence, then wire every foot up to 7'). I did not see any deer prints or other prints in the garden. The herbs, peas, brussel sprouts, lettuce are all gnawed. It doesn't like turnip greens or carrots. Some of the damage is up about 18 to 20 inches, so i was thinking a groundhog. Last year, I did see a groundhog in the garden, who got most of my ripe tomatoes, but he seemed to leave the other stuff alone. Other than electric fence, what are my options for stopping this? Your advice is appreciated.

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A groundhog may have entered by tunneling under the fence. Carefully examine the base of the fence around the entire perimeter for signs of digging. They can easily dig under a fence. The recommendation is to extend fencing 1-ft. below the soil. Groundhogs are also excellent climbers and could potentially climb a 4-ft. fence (especially if the cattle fencing is slatted and not woven). Also, check around your gate and other openings for gaps that may allow entry. This fact sheet has additional information and control options: