Miscanthus Sinensus

Asked May 22, 2013, 9:40 AM EDT

Hello! Please tell me if Miscanthus Sinensus has the possibility of spreading. I live in Monroe County where phragmites have literally taken over many swampy areas and ditches. I don't want to plant anything that will add to the problem.

Monroe County Michigan invasive species

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From what I’ve found, miscanthis sinensus, can spread into natural areas, but not so likely in a garden site where it can be managed, and is best not planted near open fields and natural areas. Ornamental cultivars of Miscanthus sinensis should only be planted in managed landscapes where they can be watched for self-seeding. The cultivar Miscanthus sinensis Andersson – Chinese silvergrass is considered the most invasive cultivar. I would consider not planting this if it is a concern that it could spread into natural areas. There are a number of other ornamental grasses to choose from. Check with a local nursery, they are most helpful when it comes to what is best to plant in your area. Hope this was helpful.