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Asked May 21, 2013, 4:15 PM EDT

Sheared last weekend, and one sheep has lice. It is separated from the others, and affected area was sprayed w/Durvet Screw Worm Aerosol. How do I proceed with 1) this single sheep and 2)with rest of the flock?

Lewis and Clark County Montana

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The lice that we have been having problems similar to what you described is the African sheep louse. Most of the newer insectasides will be somewhat affective provided the insectaside touches the lice. We did some work with good success with the product called Clean-up ( Permethrin (5%) + diflubenzuron (5%)) with the hope that the company would get a sheep clearance. If it is a isolated case in a large group of sheep and you are interested in eliminating the problem the one sheep should be treated and if possible culled this fall. The lice population will basically dissappear after shearing and than generally does not become a problem until next winter. At this point I would not worry about the other sheep in the flock

Thank you! I'll be ordering Clean-up this morning. Peggy

Make sure you get just above hoofs on feet