Who sells these Berry Items?

Asked May 21, 2013, 1:33 PM EDT

Hello - I live in Katy, TX near the West Houston Area around Zone 8b. I've heard good things about these types of berries and how well they do in warmer areas within the US, however, I'm having a difficult time finding a distributor or nursery locally or online (with good reviews and shipment to TX). I want to know if you know of anyone who sales any of the variety of berries listed below?

Dorman Red


Hybrid berry:


Harris County Texas

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I have found that several of those berries either don't perform well in the area or that there are other superior choices.

Raspberries in general really struggle in our heat and humidity, while our black clay soils pose additional challenges. Blackberries also don't like the black clay soil but can grow if you provide a raised bed of amended soil by adding compost or sandy loam. Brison is a good variety but so is Kiowa. The following web page has info on blackberries with recommended cultivars:

As far as local sources, this can be hit and miss. You might try Wabash Feed or RCW Nurseries which are both fairly close to your area. Arbor Gate in Tomball also has a good fruit selection. The Master Gardener programs in Harris, Ft. Bend, Montgomery and Galveston counties have fruit sales in the late winter. Urban Harvest in Houston also has a late winter fruit sale.