Peach tree damage

Asked May 21, 2013, 10:08 AM EDT

My husband planted a few peach tress from pits a couple of years ago. The trees blossomed beautifully this spring and then about 3 weeks ago the leaves started to curl and the flowers turned brown. We took a sample to English Gardens and they advised us it might be leaf curl and to apply some Diazinon. We did this twice, one week apart. This morning he noticed the same problem on another tree. Can you advise us how to stop the spread and how to help the trees? Thank you.

Macomb County Michigan

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The disease in peach leaf curl. It is a common disease on trees that are not sprayed much for diseases.The treatment window in in the late fall and in the early spring before the buds begin to swell.
For many plant diseases once you see the disease it is too late to treat other than to slow the spread of the disease. Nothing can be done now. The infected leaves will fall off but the disease will not spread anymore this year. This fall and next spring apply a fungicide containing chlorothalonil as the active ingredient. For the best results this spray should be applied before the buds swell, so the first nice day in late February is good. By the time you notice the buds have swollen they are already infected.
The tree is not in danger, It will continue to put out leaves this year and should be healthy next year if you control the disease then.