Curled toes on a Rhode Island Red

Asked May 20, 2013, 10:35 AM EDT

I have just noticed that one of my hens has curled toes. She is ten months old and seems to be healthy in all other aspects but her feet. She was raised in a group of 100, all of whom look fine (i.e., no curled toes).

I've found some information on the Internet (riboflavon) and checked this site to see whether this condition had been previously discussed. Does anyone have any ideas? I can send a photo if needed.

Frederick County Maryland

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It is not unusual for chicks to have curled toes at hatch or to develop the condition soon after hatch. These minor birth deformities can occur as the chick struggles to escape its shell or if its toes become pinched soon after hatch. Curled toes may be corrected by using splints and tape, provided the joints have not calcified and hardened. Attempting to straighten curled toes in juvenile and adult chickens would be painful. The curled toe should not affect the quality of life for the chick.

If many chicks hatch with curled toes, it is an indication of vitamin deficiency in the hen.