Sycamore Tree

Asked May 20, 2013, 9:33 AM EDT

60 year old sycamore tree barely bloomed this year after appearing very healthy last year. Did remove 3-4 lower branches last fall.

Kent County Delaware

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Hello, Sir,

Your sycamore tree should produce relatively inconspicuous flowers in the spring, followed by seed ball type fruit later. Sycamore trees in our area are affected by a plant disease called sycamore anthracnose, caused by a fungus. We have some of this leaf disease almost every year, which is characterized by large brown blotchy areas on leaves, and leaf drop. The fungus survives in the bark and buds of trees over the winter, and produces spores that affect the new growth in the spring. The amount of disease we see each year is very dependent on the weather, and the timing of leaf growth, rain and humidity. This year, we received rains for several days in a row, just as the leaves were beginning to expand. Unfortunately, this caused the blighted look to the leaves, and flower buds were also killed. Generally, anthracnose does not kill the trees. The trees will produce a second flush of leaves which come out later in the spring. There is no need to treat with any chemical fungicides. The fact that you pruned off several large branches should have no effect on the tree. With a 60 year old tree, some pruning and maintenance will help prolong the life of the tree. A professional arborist would be able to help.

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Thank you very much Nancy, Very helpful