pack saddle

Asked May 19, 2013, 6:15 PM EDT

i have come across a pack saddle that is very unique and seems to be very high end.the saddle is very heavily padded on both has a wooden trough shaped.hard wood yoke that goes across the whole saddle that has smal rings attached. on top of the saddle on both sides it is put together with large quarter sized brass rivets.all the straps and cinches are there and the straps have chain supports in the middle.thi saddle is in pristine condition.with no issues at all.want to know who made it / and idea of value.have never seen one like it or in such condition

Allegany County Maryland

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This is a difficult task to do, other than in person, and without having someone who is familiar with pack saddles examine the saddle. Asking a local tack shop if they have any contacts who are familiar with pack saddles is one place to start. Otherwise, there are some companies on the web that indicate they do saddle appraisal. They do not, however, all indicate what types of saddles they appraise. You may find help from companies who specialize in packing and outfitting trips as well. In MD, I am not aware of anyone who does these sorts of trips. Looking out west may be your best bet.

Good luck!