Hi, all of my cool crops are doing horribly this year, when I had a bumper...

Asked May 19, 2013, 1:58 PM EDT

Hi, all of my cool crops are doing horribly this year, when I had a bumper crop last year. The swiss chard is okay, but all cole crops are slowly wilting and dying. I've lost all but one kale, a few broccoli, and all but one collard. Today I found small black eggs nestled in the remaining collard but no evidence of hatching. Could this be the problem and what are they? Thank you!

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There could be several reasons for your cool crops to be suffering this year. We would ask about the quality of the plants when they were transplanted. Also, there are numerous pests that could be attacking your plants; cut worms, cabbage maggots, imported cabbage worms, cabbage loopers. The 'black eggs' you observed may very well be caterpillar 'poop'. From your description, it may not be a successful year for your cole crops. You may want to plan for a fall crop and be prepared to cover the plants with a floating row cover.
We invite you to visit our website and look at the various pests and maladies that can affect cole crops. http://extension.umd.edu/growit/insect-pests-vegetable-garden