Asked May 18, 2013, 5:40 AM EDT

Hai,I dig a big pit in my backyard garden filled the pit with vegetable waste,old dried wood pieces,dried leaves,plant vines&filled the top of the pit with the same soil,i water it frequently&left it to decompose for 60 days.I want to plant tomotos,chillies,okras,onions,corns,spinach,cucumbers,and vegetables.My question is if this type of compost is only enough to plant the above in containers? Please give me a good answer for my question.Thank you.

Outside United States

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Since you have allowed the material to break down for 60 days, you should be able to plant directly into the bed. Be aware that this soil may not hold a lot of water, so you'll likely need to stay on top of watering through the summer.

Hello sir if this compost contains all minerals&nutrients for vegetable plants grown in pots? I want to use this 100% compost only in pots will this medium give good yield ?

If it is broken down well, it should provide what the plants in the pot will need (especially if there is even a little bit of soil included). Be sure that the texture of the material is heavy enough to anchor the plant and porous enough to drain well.