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Asked May 17, 2013, 2:21 PM EDT

Hi - Farm Energy CoP has produced a number of Fact Sheets that would be good for printing and distribution (field days, etc). In particular, we are working with several NIFA funded CAP projects that require this (and NIFA requires hard copies of them that everyone wants to be beautiful). The problem - when printing: A) the top has web specific info: *Public sites; About eXt; Ask an Expert... that detracts from the printed page B)While I like the printout of external links, the internal Link to Anchor text is irrelevant and takes away from the clarity of the page 1. Is it possible to remove the above from print copy? 2. Is there some option to create a clean print view? 3. Could/should we create a PDF of each page; post it separately, then link to it from the article for printing? 4. If #3 is feasible, would that PDF become self-competition via duplicate posted content? Or are PDFs possibly exempt from the algorithm, since they do not have good search-ability? Other thoughts? Thanks Sue H (I'd think: take sharing the question on AaE off, unless there is an internal AaE share space)

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Hey Sue,

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. General printing
    1. The global nav bar has been removeed from the print styles.
    2. I'm not sure the internal links should be removed. If someone has a print-out, they could still use the relative, internal links to find a piece of content on It's consistent to display both external and internal.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean. There is a "print" link on content pages that displays the stripped-down, print styles view. Does that address the issue?
  3. I would not recommend creating a PDF for content pages. IMO, the print styles view achieves 90% the design of a PDF and is infinitely more scalable. If there are specific issues regarding the print styles, we can work with you on that!
  4. Google does index PDFs, so there would definitely be a duplicate concern.
Hope this helps!