diseased tree

Asked May 17, 2013, 9:51 AM EDT

While I am a Master Gardener through the University of Illinois, on visiting my daughter in Dallas recently I saw a diseased tree and was not sure exactly what tree it was (mulberry?) nor how to address the problem. The attached pictures detail the problem. I would appreciate your advice.

Champaign County Illinois

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The overall tree (most probably a mulberry, based on picture 2) in the first picture does show a tree in decline, with dieback at the tips. However, the only thing I see "wrong" with the tree in picture 3 is a small number of either scale or adelgids. These are sucking insects, but unless they are found in very high numbers, they usually do not cause tree decline.

Based on the severity of the symptoms, and the overall uniformity, I would look closer to the ground for the cause. Although none of the pictures show the base, I'd be checking for girdling roots, trunk or root injury, or some other similar cause. I would also suggest contacting the local extension office, in case there is something going around in their locality that I'm not aware of here in the Midwest.