recommend PA nurseries!

Asked May 16, 2013, 10:27 PM EDT

I'm looking through your PSU Fruit Production Guide recommended sources of plants and except for Boyers & Adams County Nurseries, I'm not finding any listed in PA! All the work Penn State Ag does for PA ag and you can't recommend any sources in our own state??? Shame on you! Oh, "there might be others but they didn't send us a catalog" you say - how lame! Be proactive - find the PA sources of plants and promote them to us! You should be pushing local, local, local, our own state! If we don't have nurseries of a caliber you can recommend, why aren't you helping to strengthen our nurseries? Or do you have lists of PA nurseries and just not updating your guides? Thank you!

Adams County Pennsylvania

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There are only two nurseries in PA that grow their own fruit trees, Boyers and Adams County. All other nurseries purchase fruit trees from large out of state nurseries on a wholesale basis. As such what you can buy from the other nurseries is limited to what they are provided. Many times the large nurseries do not provide a selection of very many varieties. Nor do they indicate the exact rootstock the trees are propagated on. Simply listing variety "A" on dwarfing rootstock does not tell the purchaser what they are buying.

Outrageous! We have only 2 wholesale fruit tree nurseries in the state and none for strawberries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, etc? The entire state and only 2? Why isn't Penn State pushing and facilitating programs & funding to create wholesale nurseries for all areas of ag production so we can keep the nursery $ in state and not be dependent on other states for supplies? Your comments starting w/'As such what you can buy..." has nothing to do with my questions. The issue is why doesn't PA have wholesale nurseries and what is Penn State doing to create them.

Unfortunately, you are not aware of the mission of a University Extension and that is primarily an educational mission. We can assist people in finding information or provide information but it is not in the realm of responsibilities to create businesses.

If it was profitable for PA nurseries to grow their own trees AND there was a market for them then I am sure they would have developed the business and we could assist them.