Asked May 16, 2013, 6:07 PM EDT

I know cutworms, vine borers, and cucumber beetles cause great damage to my pumpkin crop ( 3 acres ) each year. We use treated seed. We clean, deep cultivate, watch, spray when we see them. Anything new to stop these insects? We are not an organic operation.

Jackson County Oregon

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If you grow squash enough years in a row in the Willamette Basin, sometimes you will build up a population of stripped cucumber beetles. They can devastate the crops as it emerges from the soil. This can catch one off guard. Controls are standard insecticidal material, the usual suspects, so to speak.

The difference between the spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica sp) and the stripped cucumber beetle (Acalymma) is that the stripped on shows a rotational effect. If you plant squash in a field next to where you planted squash or cucumbers the year before, the stripped beetle can blow up on you.