Horseradish - Is the Flower Edible?

Asked May 15, 2013, 8:29 PM EDT

Hi again. I've had great success for the past couple of years growing horseradish in a Baltimore city recycling bin. (I encourage others to try.) I do nothing aside from harvest the roots in the fall, leaving a bit in for next year. This year, though, I'm getting a flower for the first time. Should I cut this before it goes to seed so it won't change the taste of the root? Or keep it? The bin has a couple of plants. Only one is flowering. I can't find any reliable info on the web about this. It the flower edible? It looks tasty, like a daikon radish flower. Thanks, as always.

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1 Response

Cut the flower on your horseradish so it does not go to seed. The flowers are edible.