backyard chickens

Asked May 15, 2013, 4:48 PM EDT

Can I raise chickens in my backyard under The Right to Farm Act? I live on approximately 1 acre in Lyon Township in Roscommon County. What do I need to do to comply with GAAMP?

Roscommon County Michigan

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Thank you for contacting me. The following will be helpful to review:·

What sorts of local regulations are preempted by the Right to Farm Act (RTFA) February 13, 2012: (found at web page

Public Policy Brief: “Selected Zoning Court Cases Concerning the Michigan Right to Farm Act court cases” (March 14, 2013): (found at web page

You will also find other resources on this topic at that same webpage:

I would suggest starting by reading the above. When reading the decision tree (What sorts of local regulations. . . .) you might want to spend time studying it. It is confusing because the topic is confusing, and will have more than one possible answer to certain questions reflecting unsettled parts of the law (or points of law where there is currently not agreement). When answering the questions in your mind try to answer them in a way which does not reflect bias toward what might be desired.

After you have reviewed this material, I would be happy to respond to specific questions you might have via email.