Some of my tomato plants have a number of leaves exhibiting the...

Asked May 14, 2013, 7:23 PM EDT

Some of my tomato plants have a number of leaves exhibiting the bleached/whitefish patches as in the attached photo. This damage appeared sometime over the last couple of days. Is this a disease or maybe cold damage? Thanks.

Prince George's County Maryland

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Sorry, but we did not receive your photo. However it does sound like cold damage. We have been getting pictures in from folks around the state with this problem. Plants tend to outgrow the damage once the weather warms up and the plants begin to actively grow. If you would like to try again we would be happy to look at your photo.

oops... was uploading from my phone so maybe that was why the pic didn't attach properly. Here it is again.

I should add that I started these from seed in my basement and then moved to a greenhouse. I had them outside a little bit to harden them off, but probably shifted them a bit abruptly from the greenhouse to the garden. Then we had that late cold snap the last couple of days... so I'm hoping that's all I'm dealing with and not some early fungus or virus. The plants seem healthy overall so I'm hoping they'll recover as the weather warms.

This looks like cold damage on the tomato foliage. Affected leaves out-grow the injury if plants are healthy and not stressed further by low temperatures.

great! hopefully we won't have any more near-frosts this year and I'll be in the clear now.
thanks for the quick response.