Baby turkey leg problems

Asked May 14, 2013, 5:57 PM EDT

I got 10 baby turkeys. One died shortly after I got them home and a second one developed leg problems. From it's knees down his legs don't work. He can move his talons, but he can't walk so he tries to walk on his knees and uses his wings. I just thought it was a freak thing so I bring him in with one other baby every night to make sure he is eating and drinking and in the morning I take them back out to be with everyone during the day. I just went out to check on him and the second baby is starting to have the same issues. What is happening with them. Do they need something extra in their diet or is it a disease? Thank you, Lora

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

Unlikely that this is a disease organism. It could be a mechanical injury, or a development problem in this individual bird.

If it were a disease or nutritional problem there would be more than one bird effected.

Prognosis is poor that the bird will revover.