I planted this rather large (maybe 2-3 years old) cherry tree about a two...

Asked May 14, 2013, 4:32 PM EDT

I planted this rather large (maybe 2-3 years old) cherry tree about a two months ago and now there are lots of yellow leaves which seem to be clustered near where the blossoms were. It is mulched and kept clear of weeds. It even bloomed about three weeks ago. Do you know what might be causing this? Thank you !

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Your recently planted cherry tree is probably displaying yellowing leaves simply because of transplant shock and perhaps having too many leaves for the roots to sustain. This does not mean that you should prune the tree. There may be additional leaf drop, but the main thing you can do is to provide supplemental irrigation during periods of dry weather.
Do not allow the mulch to touch the base of the tree, and limit the total depth to about 2".
We suggest that you review the following publication to insure that the tree was planted according to proper techniques. You still have time to correct any serious problems that could result in later damage to the tree.