Old Apple Tree

Asked May 14, 2013, 11:06 AM EDT

I have an old apple tree that was slated to be cut down. It is full of blossoms. As to ask for a reprive. Only been in this house a few months so I don't know what variaty of apples. It is full of bees right now so I know I should not spray it.
So: Waht should I do?
What should I use to spray it?
When Should I spray it?
Thanks for any help.
Take Care, Allen Russell

Monroe County Michigan apples pesticides

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The heavy bloom is due to the fact that we had hard freezes last spring that killed all the apples early so there is a lot of bloom this year.
Apples require a lot of sprays to prevent diseases such as apple scab which will defoliate the tree and deform the fruit and keep the fruit free of insect damage. Normally homeowners need to spray every 2 weeks with a fungicide, from when the buds start to open until a month after bloom to prevent apple scab. We have 4 or 5 significant apple pests in Michigan and you should spray with insecticides about every week or 10 days after bloom when you have fruit. Use a tree fruit spray mix which contains both a fungicide and an insecticide. This will prevent wormy or lumpy or chewed on fruit. Finally you need to thin the fruit in the next 2 weeks before the fruit gets about on inch in diameter. You will need to take off about 90% of the fruit formed from the flowers so you do not end up with thousands of tiny apples. You want hundreds of 2 to 3 inch apples. If it was my tree and I was planning on removing it I would enjoy the bloom and plan on what I wanted to replace it with, something with nice flowers but doesn't require a lot of sprays.
Did I forget to mention it needs to be pruned. Apples are a lot of work.