Asked May 13, 2013, 8:56 PM EDT

Please advise me by brand name what fertilizer will give me desired results for increasing my vegetables gardens Potassium, adding zero Phosporus and zero Magnesium and increasing my garden's Nitrogen. My MSU soil test is A49ZZ5. Have 12-12-12; Miracle Grow Plant Food is 24-8-16 has Phosphorus which soil test indicated is above optimimum Would the Miracle Grow work Plant food if sprayed on top of the soil then tilled into the soil...have never ever sprayed Miracle Grow onto the soil but onto the plants themselves. Help! Thank You!

Washtenaw County Michigan

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MSU Soil gives you several options as to the amount of fertilizer to apply to a 1000 sq feet. You did not indicate the surface area to be covered. The package label gives you the amount of Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P),Potassium(P). A majority of garden centers, hardware stores, and large chain stores carry phosphorus free fertilizers. Lawn fertilizers can be used but be sure they are free of herbicides. The Miracle Grow Plant Food you already have may work and can be watered into the soil but it doesn't last very long. You may want to side dress your plant with a slow release fertilizer. Read package labels and follow directions for application. has a fertilizer calculator which will help you determine the amount of fertilizer to apply to the size of your garden. There is also a good article attached on application of fertilizers. We do recommend name brand for you to buy.