Bartlett pear tree

Asked May 13, 2013, 9:51 AM EDT

We have a Bartlett pear tree, that produced pears last year, but insects or worms showed up in pears after they began to ripe. This year flowers have began to grow on the tree. What do recommend we spray on the tree to keep bugs from taking over the pears? When is the best time to spray the tree? Where do I apply the spray to tree. We need to spray something that is pet friendly, we have a dog that hangs out in the yard all day. Thanks in advance for your advise. Hollis Taylor 226 N. 49th Ave Greeley Colorado

Weld County Colorado

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It sounds like you have an issue with the codling moth. There are several products that you can spray, both organic and conventional. However, the challenge is timing. The publications that are at the links below can help you in making your decisions.