Frost damage to green cherry fruit.

Asked May 12, 2013, 6:55 PM EDT

At what tempature and how much frost will it take to damage sour cherry fruit ?
Thank you, R.Shuler

Highland County Ohio

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Frost can occur below 40 degrees F. Remember that frost is not the same as a freeze. A freeze is when the air temperature is below freezing, 32 degrees, and will damage most of the fruit and flowers. Frost damage to fruit and flowers is sort of hit and miss on fruit tress. The fruit on the out side of the tree, where the temperature can drop to 32 to 34 degrees around the fruit and there is moisture in the air, can experience frost damage. Since cherries trees produce a lot of fruit, much of it never ripens and just falls off, frosted fruit helps thin the crop. In other words, damage to cherries by alittle frost probably will not be noticeable.
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