Oleander pruning

Asked May 12, 2013, 9:41 AM EDT

Due to their location my folks have some Oleander which will require cutting back. We will be left with alot of trimmings. What is the best way to dispose of this material? I was thinking of chip/shredding and working the mulch into a 30ft by 40ft section of lawn that needs reclaiming from weeds. While we never plan to use for anything else who knows what some future owner will do. Should we be concerned about the poisonous aspects of the plant contaminating the soil?

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Oleander is a poisonous plant, stems and leaves. You when you are pruning it and shredding it are in more danger than when composting the mulch in or on the ground. The composting process will most likely make the toxins natural. Do not burn. Dispose of the trimmings the way you dispose of other bulky garbage or tree trimmings. Take care for yourself when trimming. Wash all clothing and gloves when finished.