Info Handouts and Reference Guides

Asked May 12, 2013, 9:15 AM EDT

We are looking for some information handouts and reference guiges. We are planning a spring farm festival an we would like to have an information table with handouts on ticks, poisons and maybe general farm, 4-H and summer safety. I was wondering if you might have these types if items so that we can share them with the folks that join us.

Montour County Pennsylvania

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Since you are in Pennsylvania, I will give you some links to local resources when possible. For poisons and pesticide info, contact PSU's Pest Ed group. Here is their website:

Here is the link ( for a brochure about Bites, Stings, & Venomous Things.

Here is a link ( to publications from various ag safety and health professional on all types of ag safety & health topics.

You may want to contact your local State Health Center or DCNR to see if they have tick information or tick cards that can be distributed.

I hope this information is helpful.