Giant Jack in the Pulpit

Asked May 11, 2013, 6:01 PM EDT

We get several clusters of 'Jacks' that usually grow to about a foot. For the last four years on Jack in one spot grows to over three feet in height. We have tried collecting its seed in teh fall in hopes of growing other giants but with no success. So why do we get a giant and how can we get more in the future?

Lancaster County Pennsylvania plant genetics horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials

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It is not unusual for jack in the pulpit to vary from 1-3 ft in size. If you want to continue to propagate the larger plant consider the following instructions. Propagate by root division or seed. Seeds may be sown outside in late fall, 3/4 deep, or the following spring with or without cold treatment. Seeds should not be allowed to dry out. The seeds may not germinate for up to two years. Cormlets can be separated from the parent corm in fall. Seed Collection: Collect fruits in fall when the berries are red. Approximate collection date for northern U.S.: Late Aug. & Sep. Seed Treatment: Remove the small brown seed from the pulp. Stratify stored seeds by placing them in moist sphagmun moss and refrigerating 60 days before planting. Good luck in your efforts.