green beans wont sprot

Asked May 11, 2013, 4:49 PM EDT

been growing green beans for 30 years.I have never had them not sprot until 4 years ago.Had to plant 3 times to get a crop then. Last year planted 4 times,never got more than 5 or6 plants.Iplant corn and beans togather corn comes up,but no beans.I have check ph[ok]. HELP

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Will take you through a few things to see if we can figure out where the problem might be.

Soil temperature needs to be at least 60 degrees F for germination. If you plant sooner, seeds may rot in the soil.

You should also use an inoculant on the bean seeds before you plant. This is a bacteria that helps the plants fix nitrogen and most places who sell bean seeds will have. You can start the germination process before you plant the seed by soaking in tepid water for 30 minutes or between two moistened layers of paper towel the night before. Apply the inoculant and plant. Do this when the soil temperature has reached at least 60 degrees F.

Like most vegetables grown in the garden, beans should be rotated in their location to prevent the build up of disease in the soil. If they are not rotated the beans may germinate but then quickly die due to disease organisms.

I hope this may help you answer why your green beans are not germinating. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.