No fruit Strawberries

Asked May 11, 2013, 10:16 AM EDT

I have strawberry plants that bloom very nicely. After the blooms die off, the fruit starts as a small fruit and that is where it stops. This has happened for two or three years. Not sure what is causing the problem. They are in direct sun. Can you help?

Fillmore County Minnesota fruits and vegetables horticulture

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Deformed strawberries are often described as nubbins" or "button berries". This may be caused by feeding tarnished plant bugs, heavy infestations of cyclamen mites, frost, nutrient deficiencies (boron, calcium), inadequate pollination, abnormally high temperatures that make pollen nonviable, or by the application of 2,4-D when fruit buds are differentiating. Tarnished plant bugs are often the cause of deformed or "nubbin" berries with a concentration of seeds at the tip of the fruit. Nymphs puncture individual seeds and inject a toxin so that the fleshy part of the berry stops developing where the seed was injured. Damaged seeds are hollow and turn a straw-brown color.