Hello, I live in a heavily wooded area with a tidal drainage ditch and very...

Asked May 9, 2013, 8:13 AM EDT

Hello, I live in a heavily wooded area with a tidal drainage ditch and very wet yard. Most water isn't standing. We keep no items around our yard with standing water. We can not go outside without being attacked by mosquitoes, deet based sprays help us and our dogs but we still can not enjoy the outside. Is there something environmentally safe to use to help control the insects in the area around our house such as the deck and around entry ways? Thank you in advance. Sean Braden

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Living in a heavily wooded area with a tidal ditch and a very wet yard is a guarantee to have mosquitoes. Depending on the weather and temperatures, mosquitoes can go from an egg to an adult in less than a week. I have noticed that this week after all the rain on the weekend the mosquitoes have come out in hordes! You say you don’t have standing water but every leaf on every tree that cups up just a little bit can hold enough water to hatch out a mosquito. Check gutters for standing water, empty bird baths once a week and clean them before adding more water can help. Opening up the tree canopy may help, but having more open area around the home may help even more.

Thanks Ginny for the great answer. What are your thoughts on spraying permetharin around the yard, house and shrubbery? We use a deet spray on ourselves and the dogs when outside and that helps. My concern is hurting the non pest insects.

On a second note, I found today a moth that has bright neon colors. Yellow on pink wings, yellow body and very bright pink legs. No head to be found it's very beautiful and both my wife and I have never seen such a gorgeous moth. Definitively don't want to kill these with spray.

Hi again, My main concern is that anything you spray will have a limited affect – the first strong breeze will blow away the spray – or blow in more bugs! Here is something that I found on line that may help. http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/factsheets/misting_systems.htm http://npic.orst.edu/pest/mosquito/mosqcides.html http://www.ext.colostate.edu/westnile/mosquito_mgt.html The one from Colorado State has been updated this year and is very current with excellent information. Ginny