How much of a border do you need between an organic farm and a neighboring farm?

Asked May 8, 2013, 6:35 PM EDT

How much of a buffer do you need between a traditionally farmed field and an organic field? How much of a buffer do you need between a small creek that runs through a traditionally farmed field onto your land and an organic field?

I believe this traditional field uses chemical fertilizers but does not use chemical pesticides. This is in regard to a piece of property that I am interested in purchasing. There is a traditionally farmed field on one side of the land I would like to purchase. There is a small creek crossing at about the top 1/4 of the parcel I would like to purchase.

Jackson County Illinois

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I think you will find an answer in the following response to a similar question in our archives:

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Hi Cindy:

Thank you for the reply to my question. The information is very helpful to me!!

Beth Velkovitz

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