Lawn weeds :(

Asked May 8, 2013, 1:00 PM EDT

HI all,

I have 2 issues I have been fighting for a while now, I believe I have a weed called Nut Sedge in my lawn (mostly in the backyard). I have heard that using a pre-emergent doesn't work for this weed is this true? if so how can I get rid of it. Also I have attached a pic of a very off dead spot in my lawn, I am not sure how to get rid of it. Thanks SO much for your help!!

Weld County Colorado lawns and turf

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Hi there, I think your 'nut sedge' is really goosegrass. Goose grass is an annual weedy grass, so digging it up is a good option of control. Be sure to dig it up before it flowers and while it is young. Also, this guide to weedy grasses has a chart of herbicides that may work- remember, the herbicide label is the law, and that certain herbicides may kill your Kentucky Bluegrass as well. For the dead spot, it appears that something was either poured on or set on the lawn in the area. Dig out the dead area, first. Then reseed, with a good quality seed (visit one of the local seed companies for a good seed mix). Be sure to maintain moisture, but not too wet, on the area until the seeds are germinated. Good luck!