Can you identify this invasive vine?

Asked May 8, 2013, 12:41 PM EDT

An invasive vine has appeared this spring in the wilderness conservation area behind our home. It has incredibly rapid growth and is trying to expand its territory to our area and trees. It is not Kudzu but seems to have the same behavior of enveloping a host tree. I am concerned that it may decimate the wilderness conservation area if it cannot be stopped. Any help is appreciated.

Pinellas County Florida

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I hate to "pass the buck" but I'm answering this question as a grape expert. I did however find a source for you to ask - it is the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology here at UF. There is an "ask the expert" box on the front page where you can upload the same images you did for this site, and then paste or type your question.

Sorry - and good luck! They are usually very quick to respond.

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