Quinclorac on crabgrass & sedge in tall fescue

Asked May 7, 2013, 12:57 PM EDT

I'm spraying quinclorac to kill crabrass that has taken over my fescue lawn. I'm using "Image" crabgrass killer sold at Home Depot. This is fully tillered crabgrass. The first application 3 weeks ago only turned a few leaves/shoots yellow but mostly ineffective. I'm planning a second application even though I've overseeded with tall fescue 2 weeks ago (seems to be germinating well). I've since learned that most quinclorac sellers/manufacturers recommend an MSO surfactant be used in the application to increase effectiveness. I called the Image rep and they confirmed that they do NOT recommend any surfactant be used with their product. Q: Should I use Image without MSO, with MSO or change products? Thank you.

Madison County Alabama

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Hello, If the manufacturer does not recommend a surfactant I would not use one. You may want to switch products. Look at the labels on Q4 Plus and Quincept. You will find these at your local coop. Read the label for fescue use. Also I don't think I would recommend spraying so early after seeding. The newly emerging grass is going to be very susceptible to herbicides at this time. We don't recommend applying any chemicals during time of stress, including after recent establishment. Feel free to call with any questions. 256-275-2172.