Asked May 7, 2013, 10:05 AM EDT

Why are the junipers and arborvitae looking so poor?

Jefferson County Colorado

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Partly due to a dry windy warm winter with little snowcover until April. Many evergreens suffer during/after these desiccating weather conditions because their needles lose some water even in winter. When that water isn't replaced via root uptake, drying/browning of juniper, pine, spruce and arborvitae needles is common. Additionally, although arborvitaes grow pretty well here, most would prefer more winter humidity than Colorado can offer. They often "winterburn" from low humidity, drying winds, warm days in winter and lack of snowcover.

Deciduous trees are now suffering (late to leaf out) because of weeks of milder temperatures in March-early April and then dips into teens and single digits late April/early May. These weather conditions also damaged evergreen needles.