Asked May 6, 2013, 8:18 PM EDT

I've just heard about hugelkulture. A form of permaculture where wood products are covered with soil, compost, etc creating a mound to plant on.
I live in Lefthand Canyon at about 6500 ft. Most of the wood products available are pine and spruce. Would you recommend this technique at my location?

Boulder County Colorado

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We do not have any literature from CSU on hugelkutlure as it sounds like a relatively new concept here. Several sites state that you should use "well rotted" wood to prevent nitrogen fixing -- which can cuase nitrogen deficiencies in your plants. Wood from Spruce and Pine contains tanins which can cuase issues as well. Well rotted wood has lower levels of tanins. You could try to contact one of the various permaculture organizations in the area including -- High altitude permaculture.